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Real world urban testing for battery electric vehicles

Toyota was a key contributor to an innovative partnership in Grenoble, France to test the benefits of battery electric vehicles in urban spaces. It provided battery electric vehicles and a car-sharing management system to Cité Lib by Ha:mo in a structured, three-year pilot project (2014-2017) to explore new possibilities in integrating private and public transport.

Cité Lib by Ha:mo was a partnership between Toyota, the City of Grenoble, the Grenoble-Alpes-Métropole metropolitan area, energy provider EDF, EDF’s affiliate Sodetrel and car sharing operator Cité Lib. As well as contributing a fleet of i-ROAD and COMS battery electric vehicles for the programme, Toyota also provided its Ha:mo (harmonious mobility) IT system to help people plan their journeys using different transport options, such as buses, trams, bicycles and walking.
 After the project ended in 2017, the scheme had attracted more than 1,500 subscribers, more than 90% of whom were satisfied with the service and how Toyota's battery electric vehicles and Ha:mo system made for easier co-ordination with the city’s public transport. Around 70% of journeys were for city-centre shopping and leisure, with an average journey time and distance of 40 minutes and 5km. These findings are now being studied and interpreted to help with on-going research and development and the design of further car-sharing projects.