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How has Europe embraced hybrid technology?

Toyota Hybrids just for Europe


Europe is a key market in our hybrid programme. Already four in every ten cars we sell here is a hybrid. The strong market growth is supported by our European production.

The hybrid Yaris, Corolla, Corolla Touring Sports and C-HR are built at our factories in France, the UK and Turkey. The increasing popularity of our hybrid models reflects how customers now accept hybrid as a mainstream choice and appreciate the multiple advantages it offers as an alternative to conventional gasoline and diesel models. Two thirds of all Corolla models and half of Yaris sold in Europe are hybrids. Four out of every five C-HR models we sell are hybrids. Together these European-built cars represent three in every four hybrids we sell in the region.

The Importance of Local Manufacturing


We have always recognised the value of making vehicles within or close to the markets where they will be sold. This is true, too, of our hybrid models, with production plants operating in many countries outside Japan. In Europe, we have hybrid production facilities at Valenciennes in France (TMMF), Burnaston and Deeside in the UK (TMUK) and Sakarya in Turkey (TMMT). TMMF and TMUK are two of our designated sustainable plants, which set global standards for environmentally efficient manufacturing.

This includes reducing demand on natural resources, recycling and eliminating waste, drawing energy from sustainable and renewable sources and working in harmony with the local environment and communities. By making hybrids locally, we further reduce their environmental impact by removing the need for long-distance shipping around the world. This helps us shrink our vehicles’ carbon footprint and supports our commitment to reducing emissions at every stage of a vehicle’s lifecycle.