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What did our research find?

Saved fuel with frequent recharging

We found that the people who recharged their vehicle most frequently were able to spend more time driving in all-electric mode and so use less fuel. A driver recharging an average 1.6 times a day was able to spend 60% of their driving time in electric vehicle mode. Fuel (gasoline) consumption was 69% lower.

Reduced CO2 emissions

More driving in electric vehicle mode also significantly reduced the amount of CO2 produced. So a  motorist recharging 1.6 times a day could reduce their carbon emissions by 61%. And compared to an equivalent diesel-powered vehicle, our plug-in hybrid electric produces between 20 and 54% less CO2.

Lowered running costs

The more often the vehicle is recharged, the lower the overall running costs. Our data showed that a driver recharging 1.6 times a day could save up to €1,400 a year, compared to driving a comparable gasoline car an average 20,000km a year.

Download the full report:  Results 3-year Strasbourg pilot project